I need advice with GFX

Ok, so I recently started making GFXs of Roblox avatars.

I made stuff like this:

All of these were done in Studio and Photopea

As you can see they have potential but are low quality. People tell me: the lighting is bad. The figures are blurry. The rigging is wrong. The green is still visible.

I need advice. I want to continue making GFXs and make them better than these ones.
However, I have several problems.

  1. I can use Blender, but it is VERY laggy. I can barely render lighting due to my 1.19GHz CPU and 0.0GB of VRAM. Not to mention my lack of a graphics card. I can do the things, but it will take ages. All I can do is simple rigging and basic modelling.

  2. People say I could use Photoshop, but I can’t afford it.

What I want, is some good advice on a path for me to choose so I can make stuff like this:

None of these are mine BTW

Without having to use Blender too much, or use Photoshop at all.

I am expecting one of the following feedbacks.

  1. Whether or not I’ll be able to make anything like those images ^^^
  2. Advice for different software to use other than Photoshop.
  3. Advice on how to make Blender less laggy.
  4. An entirely different method to use for GFX.
    And so on.
    Please please don’t try shutting me down. And only say something that you know will be constructive.

Hey there. It is totally possible for you to make images like that. The only thing, is that those were done in Blender. Let me give you a tip for quality, as an intermediate GFX artist myself.

Once you position the avatar, go to explorer, right click, then go to export selection then save it. Then open with 3D Editor, (on Windows) and do the lighting and also make transparent background. From there you can use Photopea or any other editor.

This is one of my tricks if you are looking to avoid Blender but still make a quality design. Good luck.

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I downloaded Blender 2.83 instead of 2.9 and it’s a bit less laggy.