I need feedback and ideas

Please ignore the lighting as I will do that for later

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Very bare, I’d imagine this is an abandoned office so there would probably be more clutter and extra desks around the room.

Maybe try to add more desks and stacks of loose paper around the room. Also, more office friendly objects such as a coffee maker, copier, etc.

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I see what you’re going for, but there are some things that I would change.

  • Add light panels in the ceiling to give it a more realistic look.

  • Add corrode or some form of “aging” on the top edges of the walls.

  • Maybe minimize the room a little bit or add more to it, it seems very big and empty.

  • I suggest making the “mess” in the room more logical. Don’t just put things on the floor in random areas.

Hope this helps and good luck with your project!

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Update on the room.