I Need feedback on ad

Hello! I have only 3000 Robux but have a really good game. I made a sky scrapper ad for it and I want to know what you all think. If I run this ad its all or nothing.
(Also any thumbnail feedback will be great too)


I think should remake the background the text, are good but the ad itself does not really show me much of the game, I can just see blocks if you could make it better and make it really look nice that would be better.

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What do you mean? What important detail in the game can I fit without it pixilating because the sky scrapper can only hold so many pixels…

Font is really bad, i mean it’s literally not in style. The background looks like a screenshot made with automatic graphics set in studio

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Any font you suggest me using? Also what background do you recommend I do for this game?

You can play with fonts, and since the latest fonts update it became even easier (lol i really mentioned studio update im so dumb rekt me pls, who uses studio to make ads?). The classic-like font would be enough with some tree textured letters. Background? I don’t know ngl

The font/text is a bit too much compared to the background.

Yknow, it looks like a glitched font more rather than the background

How is this?

It looks more childish now, maybe make it a more bit classic?

What do you mean by classic (sorry I’m not really a graphic designer)

Something like Source Sans but more rounded (i’m not a designer by myself really, maybe you could try the Nunito one?)

This might be a little bit off-topic, but if I was you, I would save up and do some more commissions or use that 3K to wrap my game up nicely and go find an investor, cause in order for your game to achieve independence from repetitive advertising campaigns, you’ll need to have already spent at least 80K up to 500K.
yeah… I couldn’t accept that at first as well…

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but doesnt JENGA alrd exist?
overall the ad needs some imporvement
play with the fonts until u find something that matchs the theme of the game

Jenga 2 has gamemodes, better physics, a map selection system, a cannon, 5 different things you can shoot, Left and right arrows along with up and down, and a more fast paced gameplay.

I know… I have looked everywhere for an investor and could not find one. Do you have any suggestions on where I could look or someone I can talk to?

Does this look better?


Try to somehow show that in the ad.
Maybe show gameplay screenshots while in a special gamemode.
Also “nukes” kind of makes it seem pay to win for me.
You could also remove “Fun”, it’s quite unnecessary and self explanatory.

I took away the “Nuke” and “Fun” texts and just made it game modes. With the modes I have, its hard to show all in just one skyscrapper ad.

(My gamemodes)

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Choose one or show some parts of it (top left corner = nuke, for example).