I need feedback on my music that I have created

Hello fellow Roblox developers! I have just produced new music which took roughly almost a day. I would really love some feedback on this piece. Keep in mind, the audio quality is not the best. Please do not steal my work, I do not give permission to use this song.


I’m dancing to this song right now. (I’m trying to say it’s good)


Sav likes very mutch 10/10 :+1::+1::+1::+1:

  • Sav

decent but seems ordanary to me try to put effects into it. Add rifts and bridges to it to make it seem more alive also.


I was thinking about adding a bridge since it’s lacking one. My format is supposed to follow a bridge but I wasn’t sure what to include. Now I definitely need to add a bridge. Please elaborate on effects, and I would like some examples if you can provide them.

distortion and reverbs are the effects that would be good also add an intro too forgot to add that.

Yep. Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely use reverbs. I have used them before.

Its good to add effects and play with them, its all about learning at the end of the day and make it as good as possible.

Totally! Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, I can perfect my music now.