I need feedback on my new build

After taking all the building advice from last time i asked on the forums i have made a new game and need feedback.
the game itself: Badge game soone - Roblox

After visiting please tell me what you think about the layout and building of the map!
(it’s a badge game but there are no badges as of the moment)


You can add the menu.

The menu so you have to click to play…

And making the characther ONLY r6…

Why r6 ?

Because if it’s on r15, the game is less satisfying…

So this is why you have to put on r6 because it will be more satisfying.


Ok The quality of the game can be improved.And also there are alotta free models like the Donation board and also you can add menu and other stuff To make the game a bit more nice to play.


There’s 2 free models in the game but i am planning on removing them and scripting my own donation and time board so that’s already worked out

and thanks for the feedback i will probably add a loading screen soon :slight_smile:



One thing i could recommend is some borders on the map so I wont fall off
Another is to keep all fonts the same

Good luck, I hope this turns out well
Btw, if you join badge groups and post linkds of your game, you will get visits

  1. While playing this game I fell like in future it gonna have some players but of course with hard work you can reach this (maybe more than 10 and less than 100 players)

You need bariers in this obby to protect from something like this.

  1. You sayd this is badge game so I recomend you: Badge+ - Roblox

Few months ago I looked at dev forum and saw discussion abount the plugin named ,badge+’’.This plugin allows you to do some badges so I guess it will be very usefull for you.

Here’s the example of Badge+

I hope it’s gonna be usefull.

  1. Make hall of fame look better from outside.

  2. Game is too quiet

That’s all I hope my Reply gonna be usefull.

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This helps an actual stupid amount thanks so much bro
first off the badge plugin is really useful and il make sure to add music and decorate more


I think the game should have a better atmosphere. Without a atmosphere, the game will look really empty. And also a music to play in the background would make the atmosphere a little better.


I dont know about less satisfying… but r15 is the new standard and I do agree that it should be used here.



I agree with the previous comments. Music can go a long way!


I like the trees you put in as well as the start of a terrain.

I also like the floating text which says, “Easy and hard obby at 10 likes” (position-wise).


  • Free models are fine! That’s why they’re able to be used by all creators and that’s why a toolbox exists on the platform.
  • I recommend either hiring a builder or making the buildings you have more architecturally pleasing. All due respect, they’re kind of bland. The building which houses the statues could look a bit nicer. Maybe a fountain… some water. Just a few ideas I’m throwing out as I write this.
  • You should look to find more ways to get revenue. The only thing I am currently seeing is a “Your own statue!” GUI. This is one of the ways your game can thrive! Perhaps some gears… a cape…
  • A leaderboard looks nice on these obbies because it helps players “flex” on others and makes them feel good about themselves. It also encourages players to get higher on the board (If you don’t know how to make one, no problem! YouTube has many tutorials on this).
  • Feel free to add some more ferns. The terrain also seems a bit bumpy at places and could be smoothened out. As I stated previously, you could include some water. I do admire the fact that you’re trying to give your players a fun environment when they first join.
  • The text on the arrows (and in the game) could be more pleasing. It either seems too big or is just simply the wrong text for the environment.

Good luck, I can’t wait to see how this turns out!


The best option is just using player choice

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I will be looking to add music right now!

also I’m looking at tutorials for an obby time completion leader board :slight_smile:

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You should add secret badge in tree. It’s actually a good place for it. Also make more terrain because this one is too small.


Already have a secret badge in the roof

but i might add one in the tree too thanks :slight_smile:

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Gee thanks for telling us

I like how the game looks now!


I have to disagree, Something standardization makes the game better than giving players control. It can also make animations, tools, gameplay, and map design easier and make sure everyone has the same experience.

I told everyone yet nobody except me and someone i showed in the game found it #deppreshin

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Not really, obbies should only have R6.

Yes, if someone is just using R6 is good but if someone uses R15 then, we don’t know how to fix. (I use the character R15)

Why ?

Want help ?

  • Blurred + Italic = Don’t count.
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