I need feedback on my new game

I made a simple tycoon game about Sonic, and I want feedback about it!

Game Link: Sonic: Ultimate Tycoon - Roblox
Just to you guys know, the tycoon isn’t finished and there’s one other map that you unlock while you complete the tycoon.

Controls of the game:
Shift - Special Power (if your selected character can)
X - Fly (if your selected character can)

Please say your opinion and what to add/change in the game


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Why are there not many people entering the group? The best thing for me is that I photographed the group. I wanted to enter, but I can’t enter.

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Uh, you only need to leave 1 other group to enter in the group you want

But how’s that related to the topic?

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It’s your right group, it’s sweet. I mean, I let you continue making maps. I mean, don’t stop, keep going :+1:

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Maybe add a circles around that gives 100 rings when players jump in then it respawning in other place like on first map its gives 100 rings then,in green hills its gives 200…Something like this would be nice.

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Something like this but Rings insteated of Xp

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Ok, I gonna do that on the game.

okay but u know how to add it?

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Yea, I know, it’s almost the same than the ring but just change a little bit

the screenshot was from [XMAS+NINE] Sonic Speed Simulator - Roblox

Yea, I know, I play that game everyday