I need feedback on my simplistic group logo

Alright, I made this logo a few weeks ago, and I never thought to get feedback, so here it is. I’d need some feedback and some ideas for improvement:


It seems kinda blurry and the studios banner should be a little thinner. Other than that it looks pretty good. I would rate this a 5


Ask for ratings is not allowed, it’s considered as spam, but don’t worry, this rule has been published some months ago, and i always find people with the same problem:

If you want to edit your post, you can ask for feedback only, you don’t need to delete it.

I would suggest going for the flat design that has been trendy sense 2015, this can be done by removing the shading on the text and making it just grey. Note that this advice should only be used if you want a simplistic design.

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Ya for sure can agree on that, my best suggestion is to actually make it even more simplistic then it already is by removing the lighting on it. Might help with it not being blurry.

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