I need feedback on my "Tower" game!

I need feedback on my “Tower” game named Inferno. Inferno’s design is heavily inspired by OI:R, also influenced by other “Tower” games. I would like you to play the game and leave your feedback down in the replies! Also, if you are wondering why the game hasn’t been updated in 2 months then I was recently going to update the winners area when I got banned for a week. When I get unbanned I will continue to improve Inferno into the future!


Hi, overall the game is pretty good. It does need some addons like disabeling player collision and fixing the rotating/moving platforms from the second stage.I think your going for a jupiter’s tower of hecc style am i right? Anyways instead of that this is good for a begining. :smiley:

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Greetings @PlatformAggro,

Your game is nice, but needs work. Once I entered the game, it didn’t look very appealing. (Pretty much just red walls with some parts) The first few blocks were hard to jump on. I didn’t make it to the end, because there wasn’t a lot to do, and it was unappealing. In conclusion it needs work, but if you are a creative developer, I’m sure that you will find a way to make this appealing. (It’s like a lot of other games I’ve seen) I hope you have a great day, and stay safe! :slight_smile:




Hello @PlatformAggro ! I have come to say the expectation and reality.
Your game’s name is just a word, making it simple, the game’s also too simple, as the bricks and things are just one small thing in a giant box, the game is also too small in content, it’s just a tower that if you reach the end, nothing happens, it’s just too big for small things, and the colors don’t match, it’s not appealing.


I thought your game would be something with a lobby , stages and more stuff, or even a Tower of HECC, i also thought it would be appealing, but i’m sure you can make it appealing!

Rate (I don’t know if i’m allowed to say)

7.5/10 More efford?

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Overall, it’s a very good game. You could definitely add a lobby with some decorations and remove the lego block texture. And you can experiement a bit with some shapes.

Best of luck!

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Upon joining the game, I really love the music in the background. It gives a throwback feel from when Roblox was still in its early stages.
In regards to improvement, I would say the detailing and overall gameplay. I know it’s an obby but the game is generic and very similar to all the other Obby games on Roblox. I think adding detail and more depth in the build will for sure improve its asethetic. Moreover just adding more content in general to the obby.
The game has potential, you just need to show it.

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It’s a nice game, but as we all know, there is always a little something more that can be added. It wouldn’t be as good a learning experience for you if I told you what that little something was, I’ll leave that to you, good luck!