I need feedback on Roblox Studio GFX|

I watched a video on how to make GFX in Studio, as my computer is low spec and I use 32bit instead of 64bit, so I can’t run Blender. I’d love to get feedback on it :smiley:


nice gfx!

really is cool looking!

great gfx! it looks amazing

keep up the good work!

Thank you :smiley:
I might make more.

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I like the splatter effect. Pretty cool. Nice job.

i like although the shirt is kinda blurry but that could be on purpose idk but it looks good!

The shirt is actually like that.

oh ok cool!!!

It looks good for a GFX made in roblox studio. Althought I would work on the lighting and pose of the character.

Good job. The smile makes him look joyful! :happy4: