I need help making my game more unique

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day.

As I was showing my game’s concept and ideas to my friend, he called me out and said it was very similar to ‘Decaying Winter’ (and to be honest, it is). The concept is the following: 8 players are put in a map where they have to scavenge for loot in order to craft and obtain weapons and structures to defend against a horde of enemies at night. To my surprise, the concept itself is almost identical, and I don’t want my game to look like a cheap copy, how can I change this?.


you can add, remove, change, or edit different things within your game so it isn’t a cheap copy. try experimenting with different features, get inspiration from different sources so it can change your game up. do note if you are getting inspiration do not copy the entire thing so it doesn’t seem like you are copying.


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