I need help naming my game

Hello! So, I can’t get my head about thinking of names for my upcoming game.

Summing up, the game idea consists basically of a group of players going to an abandoned asylum to perform a ritual to play hide and seek with spirits while avoiding being killed.

If you could help me with some names, I would appreciate it.

Naming a game is difficult so I understand. A good game name is almost key to success. It has to be catchy, memorable, unique, and sets the tone for your game.

I would usually start a brainstorm of a list of words of this nature. You could try and name the game a single word that is easy to say and remember. Try finding a word that correlates to the game’s idea and design. Then you could snap these ideas to the games title and see how it looks and question, would I play this game? Or what would I think if I saw this game? You can pass the idea around to family and friends to see the potential.

These are a few names I came up with that I think would suit your game, Insanity, Awoken, Dead Nights, and Dim Insanity. Excellent game idea by the way!

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Hm, I think that ‘Insanity’ would be perfect! Thanks for your help, mate!