I need help on making this datastore, i just think this isn't the best way to do it

I want this for the game me and the rest of the team are making, packing all the data in one single table and saving it then when unpacking i don’t think that’s the best way to do it.

local DataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("DataStore1")

	-- Main Player Data folder --
	local Main = Instance.new("Folder", player)
	Main.Name = "PlayerData"
	local Folder1 = Instance.new("Folder", Main)
	Folder1.Name = "Currencies"
	local Folder2 = Instance.new("Folder", Main)
	Folder2.Name = "Inventory"
	local Folder3 = Instance.new("Folder", Main)
	Folder3.Name = "Hotbar"
	local Folder4 = Instance.new("Folder", Main)
	Folder4.Name = "Equipment"
	local currency1 = Instance.new("IntValue", Folder1)
	currency1.Name = "goldcoins"
	currency1.Value = 0
	local currency2 = Instance.new("IntValue", Folder1)
	currency2.Name = "magicshards"
	currency2.Value = 0
	local SavedData = DataStore:GetAsync(player.userId)
	if SavedData ~= nil then
		local Currencies = SavedData[1]
		currency1.Value = Currencies[1]
		currency2.Value = Currencies[2]

	local Currencies = 
	local Inventory = {}
	local Hotbar = {}
	local Equipment = {}
	local Data = {Currencies, Inventory, Hotbar, Equipment}
	DataStore:SetAsync(player.userId, Data)

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

Yes, this is the correct method. There’s nothing wrong with it

u can use table too its not that complicated and can do things like this
and the data store can save table very easily since they act like “zip bombs”