I need help regarding UI design and how to make my game worth being played in front page. Everyone says the game has so much potential

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Is this a good UI? It’s the first thing that players see when they join! I want to achieve a really good look for my game. To increase player retention or have something impressive.

  1. What is the issue? Players join and leave after a few seconds.

  2. What solutions have you thought of so far? Previously the UI placement was terrible and the colours were inconsistent. I’ve adjusted the UIs to try to make them better scaled now.

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The UI is fine, but it’s not what players want or need to see right when they join. Just put a button somewhere to let players see news and planned features if they care, most players probably just want to get into the game instead of reading.

Make sure to add padding to your buttons so that the text isn’t cramped. Otherwise good work.

The UI really isnt that impressive and is really boring to look at, I suggest you modernize it

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I’d suggest adding a blur effect, because the yellow words kinda blend into the walls and floor. And the stuff in the bottom left corner doesn’t look very good. I’d suggest putting all of those onto one background frame instead of 4, or at least making the backgrounds all the same color. Also, the News: text isn’t centered.

It looks very basic, and the text isn’t so readable. I recommend you make it fancier and give the text a background so players can easily see it.

And like others have said, don’t force players to see this when they join, have a button that makes it appear. Players wouldn’t like something immediately shoved into their face.

Notes about the UI:

The orange color in the vehicle select was making me feel a bit sick. It might be better to use a dark brown instead.

The font size on many of these GUIs is larger than I would prefer. This is because it strains my eyes to cover the huge distance between the words.

The vehicle select screen has so much text, and I don’t feel like reading it. It would be easier to pick if it had 1 defining feature of each car in the GUI instead of multiple paragraphs. Another option would be stat bars.

I want to be recommended a standard car. Seeing that vehicle select screen left me feeling lost on which one is the ‘default experience’. As a first time player, I may or may not be willing or able to identify which car best suits me. Maybe I just want to jump in and not worry about what variation to pick. That’s why it should be easy to identify the standard car. And if there isn’t a standard car, consider making one.