I need help resetting leaderboard kills

I still have a hard time understanding specific players on a normal script.

For a fighting game, I have a normal script that gives the killer a point if he/she kills the other opponent. I do know that for other players to be able to see the kills, the script will have to be a normal script.

I’m having lots of trouble understanding how to reset the kill count (leaderboard) for the killed player.

Here is my script that I’m using for the leaderboard.

local Players = game.Players

local Template = Instance.new 'BoolValue'
Template.Name = 'leaderstats'

Instance.new('IntValue', Template).Name = "Kills"

	local Stats = Template:Clone()
	Stats.Parent = Player

		local Humanoid = Character:FindFirstChild "Humanoid"
		if Humanoid then
				for i, Child in pairs(Humanoid:GetChildren()) do
					if Child:IsA('ObjectValue') and Child.Value and Child.Value:IsA('Player') then
						local Killer = Child.Value
						if Killer:FindFirstChild 'leaderstats' and Killer.leaderstats:FindFirstChild "Kills" then
							local Kills = Killer.leaderstats.Kills
							Kills.Value = Kills.Value + 1
						return -- Only one player can get a KO for killing a player. Not 2, not 3. Only one.

When you add 1 to the kill count for the player, you are doing:

local Kills = Killer.leaderstats.Kills
Kills.Value = Kills.Value + 1

“Killer” is the player object. So when you want to reset the kills, you just get the player object once again, and then do this same thing but instead of doing Kills.Value = Kills.Value + 1 (which is adding to the score) you would simply just do: Kills.Value = 0 (which will overwrite the score with 0.)

Something like this:

Kills.Value = 0