I need help to test my PlayerCollisionOff script


I need someone to join my game so i can test my PlayerCollisionOff script and then u can leave bc i just want to test it.

Write in the comments if u are gonna join my game. Btw this is not for visits.

I really need someone to test it with.

My game : Fun Obby! - Roblox

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Why not create a local server with multiple clients and test it yourself?

I’m not the best roblox studio user. I don’t know what ur talking about. Sorry.

Someone already joined my game.

Similar to Play Here/Run to test things in Studio, you can simulate a game server through Test → Clients and Servers → Create a Local Server with x number of players, then press Start. You’ll get a main Server window, and x number of Players all running on YOUR computer :smiley:

Thx for the reply i will use it the next time when i need to test