I need help with a gui

Hello! I’m making a health, xp, special attack meter, stamina bar but I need a bit of help on how to make the stats stay in the lines.

Screenshot (3076)
This is what it looks like, as you can probably tell if I were to put a frame/textlabel that is tweened depending on how much it is, it will go out of the lines. ClipDescendants wouldn’t work because the image is still a square. So how would I solve this problem?


I think this should be in Scripting Help.

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Well it is asking about how to make a cool UI.

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I suggest you use an image label with the same style as the bar (the little tilt at the end), so it would tween like this:image

No, he’s right. This should be in scripting help.

This is about scripting a GUI, not designing one.