I need help with Ban System

Hello! I made a Ban System and this should show to the player in Banned list a GUI, but this don’t show to me a GUI :sob:

local Banned = {
	["MrRBX_Dev"] = "You are banned!\nReason:\nTests is cool"
	if player.Name == Banned[player.Name] then
		local GuiFolder = player.PlayerGui
		GuiFolder.Notificationv2.Frame.Visible = true
		GuiFolder.Notificationv2.Frame.Frame.Text.Text = Banned[player.Name]
		warn("Showed for player".. player.Name .. " Ban screen")
		print(player.Name .." is very good player! pog")
		local GuiFolder = player.PlayerGui
		GuiFolder.DaMene.Enabled = true

Can someone help me with this script above?
Thanks for all replies

This would check if the palyer’s name is equal to the reason. Just do

if Banned[player.Name] then

Also I’d recommend checking UserIds instead of names as they can evade the ban by changing their username

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