I need help with fast image importation feature we've had

So recently, I was joining back to the Studio and I’ve noticed that there’s no more image importation that you can do which is very disappointing for me and I want to confirm if it is just me or am I having something wrong that messes that up? If so, is there any way to fix it?

Gif; https://gyazo.com/543538f8198d58064aa87a23404fb19b
As I’m opening the text, it should show me an icon on the right side of the given box, yet nothing appears in anything, such as Decals and etc.

This is very difficult for me to have to resort to using the website instead of the normal Roblox Studio platform as it will probably make it more exhausting to do so.
Thanks in advance if you have a solution or an explanation if that was given so the feature is removed.

What version of roblox studio are you on? (You can see this by going to File > About Roblox Studio)

On latest version of roblox studio without any beta enrollments I have this popup when clicking on the same field as you:

For reference, I’m on version 0.536.2.5360459 (64bit)

Maybe try re-installing roblox studio. I don’t know what could have caused you to not have such a popup.

Even if that doesn’t fix it, you can still use the Asset Manager to import your images:
After importing you can easily right click a recently imported image and copy it’s ID to paste anywhere else

I hope this helped.
Good luck.

Somehow the issue fixed itself, I don’t know why. The problem seem to have been fixed after some amount of time after uploading, yet I have to wonder about two more things.

  • Ids sometimes being incorrect.
  • Few assets aren’t correctly loading, but they stay stuck loading forever.