I need help with gun spread

I wanted to try and make gun spread but every bullet lands in the mouse’s position

It’s not working. As seen here:

I tried looking through gun spread threads but that didn’t help at all

Here’s the simple raycast code down here V

			local CF = CFrame.new(FromP,ToP)*CFrame.Angles(math.rad(math.random(-module.Spread,module.Spread)),math.rad(math.random(-module.Spread,module.Spread)),0)
			local DirVec = CF.LookVector
			local RayCast = Ray.new(FromP, (ToP-FromP + DirVec).unit*module.Range)
			local part, Position = game.Workspace:FindPartOnRay(RayCast, Player.Character, false, true)

I’ve also printed the DirVec but it works correctly.

Thank you!

I’m dumb, I made the bullet hole / effect appear at the place where the raycast hits ORIGINALLY


Also really old :confused: