I need help with my Billboard UI

Read this before replying!

I am aware of Roblox’s proximity prompts. I don’t want to use them since I want to figure out how to make my own key prompts. I’m hoping this topic can help myself and others learn more about scripting.

I’m finally asking for help on this now, after over an hour of trying. I’m trying to make my key prompt BillboardGUI pop up whenever a player is near a certain part. I’ve tried many different ways of doing this, but none of them worked. If you know how to help me, then please don’t hesitate to answer.
Thanks for reading and considering to help me!

This might be helpful Custom ProximityPrompt Tutorial | Roblox Studio - YouTube. Please be aware that I’ve only watched about 3 mins of the video so I’m not sure if it contains inappropriate language. But from what I watched I don’t think it does.

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If you want a billboard GUI to pop up when a player is near it, you need to set the max viewing distance to 10 or 5 or something low instead of infinite.

I had it set at 15, it’s just that I wanted to add some tweening to it to make it more stylish. I’m going to try out what @pinchpotmonster suggested now. I’ll respond if I get things to work.

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