I need help with our models

Hi there! me and my team are trying to make a game but when ever our modeler imports a car with like colors it always comes out black if anybody could help I will pay 100 robux

here are some screenshots



Please help


Hi there! So first of all the problem could be the type of file he or she uses to import the models. I usually use fbx files to import things and sometimes obj. The second problem could be that when you import the models the textures don’t show up. So when you have this problem, you have to use the texture for the car and upload it as a decal. Then you put the texture id of the model. The last and final reason could be that there’s no texture at all. Hope this helps good luck.

i think its the second reason but can u send like screenshots of how to do it

Just to save you some time and me some space, watch this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le8NNta7fAY&t=620s
that’s how I learnt how to do it. Good luck.

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friend me on discord my usernmae is syed1235t#4365

how do i file the texture id for the model

i got it join my group the booga booga one i will give u robux

Is he using textures to paint or blender tools? You have to add a texture (or create it) so it can keep it colours!