I need help with Region3

So I’m making a script that includes Region3 and
I would like to know how would you invert a Region3
Any information about this will be appreciated

What do you mean by

? . . . . . .


If by invert a region3 you mean check if something isn’t in a region3 then you can just do something like

if (not in region3) then

there’s no reason to try to invert it with math when you can simply check for everything outside of a region.

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So what I meant by this is how would you check if something is out of a region3 I thought I already posted a comment on the answer looks like I haven’t yet so not sure why I didn’t think of it earlier I thought there was going to be some big fancy code for this but nevermind about that I just thought of using the else statement

Yep same thing I thought of sorry for the late reply I thought I already posted a answer

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