I need help with this math thing (read to understand more)

Heyy, developers! I’m currently trying to add the numbers inside of a text label. for example (random number + or - random number). I’m not sure how to fix this.

		if player.PlayerGui.Math.ImageLabel.TextBox.Text == mathSplit[1] mathSplit[2] mathSplit[3] then -- 1 is a number, 2 is a - or +, 3 is a number

So it looks like this?
1 + 2
and you want to split it into:
{1, "+", 2}
to then get:
and set text to that?

Try this:

local values = string.split("1 + 2", " ")

local operators = {
	["+"] = function(a,b)
		return a+b
	["-"] = function(a,b)
		return a-b
	["*"] = function(a,b)
		return a*b
	["/"] = function(a,b)
		return a/b

if #values == 3 then --there are enough values
	if operators[values[2]] then --operator can be solved
		if tonumber(values[1]) and tonumber(values[3]) then--LHS and RHS are numerical
			print(operators[values[2]](values[1], values[3]))
			warn("Bad numbers")
		warn("Bad operator")
	warn("Bad expression")

You’ll need to adapt it to fetching/setting your textbox’s text instead since I didn’t replicate your UI setup.

I’m getting my values from a table is the thing. I can message you the whole script, if you want

local result
if mathSplit[2] == "+" then
	result = tonumber(mathSplit[1]) + tonumber(mathSplit[3])
elseif mathSplit[2] == "-" then
	result = tonumber(mathSplit[1]) - tonumber(mathSplit[3])

if player.PlayerGui.Math.ImageLabel.TextBox.Text == tostring(result) then -- 1 is a number, 2 is a - or +, 3 is a number

Needs to be like this.

This may error if mathSplit[1] or mathSplit[3] aren’t numbers though.

How would I make it so that the mathsplit[1] is greater then the mathsplit[2] during subtraction

Also, its saying that the answer I inputed is wron, since I noticed that the text in the textbox doesn’t come over to the script.

That means TextBox.Text is different from whatever tostring(result) returns.

You need to debug that on your end.

Tjis doesn’t work for some reason. Whenever I print that value, it becomes nil.

	local result
	local input
		input = player.PlayerGui.Math.ImageLabel.TextBox.Text

Also, how would I make sure that when you subtract, the first number isn’t bigger than the second

tonumber() returns nil if its argument cannot be coerced into a number type value.

You need to debug this on your end by printing the values you’re working with.

You use the > or < comparison operators to determine if an operand is less than/greater than another operand.

You can modify the result of the operation using math.abs(n), assuming all the numbers are positive. If they arent, you can use math.max(n1, n2) - math.min(n1, n2)