I need help with trello

Hello, i’m new to trello, and well, I need some help, so, how can I do to add a card inside a list? or remove it! I got this atm

local data = https:JSONDecode(https:GetAsync("https://api.trello.com/1/boards/560bf4298b3dda300c18d09c?fields=name,url&key=(I placed my key here)&token=(I placed my token here)"))

So how can I do it?

Don’t use Trello as a database. Just don’t. That’s not what it’s for, you’ll get a lot of issues with it, and you’ll later regret it.

Additionally, JSONEncode turns a table to JSON, which you don’t want (you want the other way around)

Your original question about how can easily be answered by using Trello’s own API documentation.

You can fix your issue by using an ‘API Wrapper’, aka a module that does the work for you,


Yes, ignore I palced JSONEncode, a mistake

Also, I got a question, Could I use HTTPSservice as datastore? I know, or maybe, for saving many logs… (Arrest logs) what can I do?

I could do a table I suppose like:

--once player gets arrested I insert to table and then to save it I can do like?
	--save the stuff

is there any recommended way to save a lot of arrests? without loosing, should I set the async every times a player get’s arrested?

Trello API is simplified for the most part, they just give you the endpoint and the template. You just need to use the correct HTTP method and be sure to fill in the parameters. Remember that they do have their own documentation site you can reference.


To get the cards in a list, you first need to get the lists in the board. If the board is private, you will require an API key and a token. After you have the board, you search the lists then use the right list id to plug into another method which fetches the cards in a list.

That being said, if you want a database, I recommend a proper database and not Trello. Trello is intended to be a personal management system as opposed to a database. When you start accumulating more cards (which you inevitably will by nature of the system you are attempting to create), Trello will slow down considerably and so will the speed at which you receive results. I believe Trello has an O log(2) time deficiency whereas most databases are O log(n).

HttpService itself cannot be used as a database, it is just used to facilitate requests to external servers from your game server. Generally though you should be employing caching and flushing strategies occasionally. Remember that there is a 500 requests per minute limit on HttpService so frequent sending is fine so long as it’s not every change in data or whatever.

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Like datastores - DataStore2 is my favorite even though I haven’t used it myself yet.

It saves using Roblox’s own system and persists across all Places and servers in the same Game.

For sure, keeping things in house is a great idea. Roblox already provides free data storage and an infinite amount of it (as far as we’re concerned, which they just buy more storage when they run out). If you can, you should not look to external solutions because you’ll end up having to splurge some.

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That and you don’t have to maintain your link between external services, and you don’t have to rely on the external services being up when your game is, or refusing to serve your game (remember that time when a certain service blocked HttpService’s IPs because of spam?)…

Also happy birthday <3 Post approval has never been polite to me, but you weren’t the cause of that.