I need opinions for this game!

I need some of your opinions for this game that me, the owner and another developer have made! The game is still in work in progress and has much more to come! It is going to be a fighting game with characters, weapons, armor, and much more. But right now here is a look at the first map we have made. Thanks


Always nice to see something with effort produced in a cohesive and organic way. The place looks great. All it needs is some differentiation with the trees and environment – sooner or later seeing the same things is going to get boring.

Well done and a perfect use of the cartoony style.

The islands around seem very flat though – no terrain or anything of note on them. Could work on the underside of the (presumably floating) islands too. The clouds also need differentiation.



Well, I had a whole thing typed up but then it got deleted.

Basically, arch doesnt look in place, nor do those grassy platforms on top. Also torches may not be to scale.

Looks really nice!
The only thing that you should do is to make islands less flat, and should be nice.

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You should try making different environments such as a winter area, maybe a beach that’s also floating. You get the point just from “making different environments.”. You should also add some details like maybe some rocks that sort of form a path. Here’s an example:

To add on to what I just stated, this would work if the game you’re making had quests to make the game much more adventurous. What do the paths have to do with quests? Well, the paths could lead to an NPC, or some type of cave that has treasure in it. Players could fight for the treasure on different floating islands. Also, from the picture you showed us of your map, maybe since there’s multiple islands, (that are technically of the same terrain) maybe it’d work if you added a treasure chest on one of the islands of the same terrains. Then it’d be like… a whole map of different ‘areas’. I hope this was of some help as it seems to me I was just blabbering on and on for nothing, hope I didn’t waste your time. Thanks for reading though! Good luck on your game, I look forward to seeing it in the future.


The Islands are work in progress and were also working on that like right now.

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Yes were are making different environments for players to battle at but this right now is the one that we have created. Thank you for your advice and your game looks very cool!