I need Scripter

Hello, developers.
I want to do a game but I really need a scripter, If you are interested message me or reply down below, Thank you.

They are no requirement, The game will be an infinite airlock.
Remember that you will become HR and get admin commands, You have a lot of responsabilities.

Maybe you should provide some more information about the game, and if there are payments for it. Also I think it should go under Recruitments Category.


1, as WaterJamesPlough said this needs to go into the #collaboration:recruitment category. 2, this would not meet the requirements at all for that category anyway, you need to add a lot more detail about payment, what you need the person to do, etc.


I’m not 18+, I’m not able to pay I just want a good scripter his payment will be his rank, Sorry but I’m not interested by people who do this for money.

well your not going to get people anyway without paying them, I doubt anybody would do it for free. Also you don’t need to pay in real money, you can pay in :robux: and group %.

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Still this is not the Category for these types of Requests, it is up to the developer if he wants to join you or not.

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