I need some advice on fonts

So I’m currently in the process of making a logo for our game. I have barely any experience at all with paint[net] which I’m using.

I’ve decided to go with a cartoon font, I’ve already spent an hour looking for a font which didn’t turn out very good. So I’m wondering if you guys know of any free to commercially use cartoon fonts?

I’m thinking of getting fire alpaca, would that be better than paint[net]?

Super strange font site, be sure to get the right fonts(some of them has copyrights lol):

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Yeah ive been looking there, also what would be the sort of license id need? Creative commons licenense?

I think when you download the fonts, you will find a license with it sometimes and some README text file. Read them and see what you’re allowed to do with them.

If no license is found, assume they wrote what license is needed.

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Here is a great font site, the license will be in the post below. Just make sure you read the license before using them. https://www.fontspace.com/

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One of my favorite sources is Designhack. Licenses are individual for each font, so as said before, be sure to either see if you can find any license information on each font’s download page, or in the download itself.

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