I need some feedback for some GFX I made

I have been doing some GFX for a while and I need some feedback on how to improve

Only have 2 Im releasing currently others are in the works


If this is asking for what you should price, please be aware of this new rule. :black_heart:


This is against the rules, you are not allowed to ask for pricing.

The pricing is completely up to what you think it should be.
I think the lighting on your second render could be improved on.

It looks great though!


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I’d say overall you really need to work on your lighting and posing.
You can find videos on youtube about 3 point lighting and hdri lighting.
I’m assuming your using blender render, you should use cycles render on blender as it provides better results imo.
Then, for your posing use a rig instead of hard bending. I recommend this video for a 1.0 rig.

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I have some recommendations for the top one mostly.
For the roblox studio logo, you put the line down the middle and had an incorrect shade of blue. This is what the studio logo looks like:

I also think that the logos are a bit big and distracting on the top one. Also, considering that its for a development studio, I honestly think that the average roblox logo doesnt really need to be there. You should also probably move the text because the current position and color makes it somewhat hard to read considering that both the text and background are white. I feel like the overall top image just has a whole lot going on.
The bottom image is kinda… shiny. Its smooth in a unrealistic sense. And as @geedcat said, you should try working more on your lighting and posing.
Other than that, both are great, good job :+1:

Good work on the renders! I can see what you are going for on image two, but the lighting and background can be improved. For the world lighting, I personally think you should look into HDRIs [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VBkj_I-ONk]This is just a sky box that applies lighting to your scenes. For the surrounding areas, there are tutorials on YouTube on how to make realistic grass. Realistic Grass Link. For your sun, try to align it with the HDRI’s sun, and use a blackbody color modifier on your sun in the Cycles render engine. This can make your lighting look warmer. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOISDW0c2MY]

Sorry about the formatting, I’m new to the DevForum.

In the first one the line through the DevFrom O shold be placed at the corners not in the middle. The second one is great. Keep up the good work!