I need some feedback on my disco game

Greetings! I recently created a game called Dynamic Disco and would like to receive feedback so that I can improve it. Feel free to give some suggestions as well. Thank you so much!

Game Link: Dynamic Disco [CLOSED] - Roblox


Great work with all the building and stuff, but what can people do other than walk around and talk to each other?

My suggestions are:

  • Add dances (if you use GUI for it then make sure you use the scale option because on other devices it will appear smaller or too large, do this for position as well)
    A way to test it on other devices is to use the emulator, it is on the far right of all the tabs as shown in the picture (you have to open it to see the button)
  • Add a currency to work toward items
  • Maybe add a portal to a small and simple (easy to script) minigame
  • If you can script it make a vary of songs instead of just one song

These suggestions will encourage your players to visit again because they will have something to do

Hope you have a great day in the DevForum Community!

Thank you for the feedback! Those suggestions could definitely improve my game.

Overall, pretty simple game with simplistic building, i would say try to add more detail into the building and maybe a currency system for items.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try to implement them when I can.

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The balls are kinda weird, once your in one you cant get out? and you can also get in more than one ball…

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I’m trying to figure out a way in how to actually work it out. I’m still thinking of removing or fixing it.

I think you can make an if statement to check if they are in a ball and if they are then check if jump value = true (in humanoid) then if it is then remove them from the ball

Dont tell me tell Elytexa :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh alright, I’m gonna redo the script soon.


I found a game that you can take for inspiration

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Oh cool! I’ll check it out in a bit. Thank you.

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