I need some feedback on this GFX I made

I recently made this GFX for my game that I am making soon and I really need feedback on what I can improve with my GFX. Thanks!


Looks awesome! You could experiment with the lighting a bit, but otherwise, great work! Keep it up! :smile:

Fantastic! I like the outfit because it suits the environment. It would be great if you learn to model, so you can make the whole scene even better! :exploding_head:

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could you teach me how you made the gfx like a drawing?

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I just used the oil paint feature in photoshop and I put the shine to zero to give the effect!




It’s quite obvious you overlaid a render onto a 2d image. Try importing 3d scenes into blender, or if you can’t do that, work on the shadowing in the image.


I feel as if the character looks amazing, but together with the background it seems off. Background just doesn’t fit with me.


I love this! It looks very professional! Awesome work :+1:

Something about the lighting on the character is off , or at least to me . This looks good otherwise.