I need some Game ideas

Hello Devforum! I need some game ideas for Space & Jet wars.

The game is focused on a kind of Space warfare where there are 2 teams, 1st is the human team and 2nd is the Alien team.

I finished the map and jets but i need some more ideas for my game i could add since the game is very blank.

Is it a round game or a story game?

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Its based off a kind of FPS game not a story one

But is it round based, open world, or is there a story-line the player follows? It doesn’t matter if it’s fps or tps or anything like that.

There is no storyline maybe a intro or scenes about it but it is we can say a open world game

Ok, so it’s an open world fps where the player has to beat aliens trying to take over earth?

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Exactly! Thats the main idea on the game

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Do that stay on earth or do they fly in spaceships too? If they can drive spaceships then try adding more ships like maybe one that’s faster but has less health or one that has lots of health but has bad laser blasters.

They of course drive spaceships and do not stay on earth and also thanks for the idea!

If you need some more ship design ideas then I’d recommend reading Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, it’s really good. Just don’t copy it, you’d get banned for copyright.

For the parts where they are on earth or in a space station maybe let them get different weapons like a machine gun or a sniper rifle, they could also get abilities or armor like in Metroid where there are tons of cool things to unlock. Once again though, don’t copy Metroid or Skyward.