I need some help on a table activation (UI Button)

Basically, I have a loop that is supposed to get the contents of a TextButton (while the contents are ImageLabels), but the problem is, how would I activate them? For example, take the EmotesMenu from Roblox. They use the same hierarchy. Here’s my explorer: (Blue A is TextButton and Green images are ImageLabels)
How would I do that if I click on one of the ImageLabels, something happens?
Is there any other way than making them ImageButtons?


Is there a reason you don’t want to use ImageButtons?

I mean, the reason is that I cannot edit them since the Slots are perfectly placed and if I insert or change anything; it could broke. I was trying to find a plugin that changes classes but the one I found wasn’t working.

Okay so what I would do is paste a script into the command bar that will do this for you. I am on mobile so give me a moment to write it.

SELECT THE TEXTBUTTON then paste this script into the command bar:

for i,v in pairs(button:GetChildren()) do
    local new = Instance.new(“ImageButton”)
    for i,v in pairs(v:GetChildren()) do v:Clone().Parent=new end

It looks like it has an error but I will try to fix it. Thanks.

Oh, sorry about that. I don’t see where but maybe you’ll find it. Sorry that I couldn’t help more, it’s 2AM and I am typing this from my iPhone. Glad I was able to help though!

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