I need some help

Question: How can I pause a tweening gui for the full server, instead of just pausing it for the client?

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I think you’d have to use remote events.


I know but actually I don’t really understand where to start from. I’m not way too familiar with RemoteEvents…

RemoteEvents are basically client-server/server-client transportation

Say I put this on the client

local Fruit = "Orange"

We’re passing the Fruit variable onto the server here, and on this…

workspace.RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, Fruit)
    --Output: "Orange"

In a OnServerEvent function, you put the Player parameter first then whatever else you want (Aka the Fruit variable)

In a OnClientEvent function however, it’s pretty much the opposite (Basically, the server can’t find the player so you need to find a way to get the Player object)

Now I’m hungry talking about fruits

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local Fruit = "Orange"

Yeah I rushed through that mb, but you get the point

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