I need some suggestions on how to grow a community of my friend's and I some opinions on the game

Hello, I am Mathew. Currently a person promoted in the DevForum about the game I’m working on with my friend, sorry in case if it’s considered as spam. But I was thinking if anybody would consider checking out the game and telling me if there’s any issue regarding the gameplay of what it lacks and needs.

I’d appreciate a lot; Thanks a lot! [SNATCHER] Crucial Journey Remastered - Roblox

I had an issue with the tutorial:

While trying to play the tutorial, I had the following issues:

  1. Text too fast

  2. I couldnt find out what it meant about the squares in the inventory, so please put indicators for things.

The solution to solve them:

  1. Add a “Next” button that continues the text whenever the player wants it to continue.

  2. Add arrows, or something that can help the player understand everything.

I can’t play the tutorial anymore because I got confused in the equipping.

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After playing around in the game a bit, the game seems really good. What I’m gonna do is list my pros and cons.

Reminder: I didn’t try any of the following things:


and I’m pretty sure theres more things for me to try.


The gameplay is really good, the fighting is really good, and the way that you jump on some red objects to damage the enemy is a creative idea in my opinion. The game has great enemy attacks, and thats all I have to say for now.


First issue is the tutorial, I’ve already made another post about this so you can read that. Second is optimization, when I fought a level 2 slime, I was lagging super hard, so I would like optimization. I also want to point out that I couldn’t change keybinds, which is something people might wanna do.

Thats all I have to say for now, I didn’t do everything in the game, but overall this game is a D+ in my opinion.

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