I Need To Know How To Make A GUI Fit Perfectly on All Devices

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  1. So Basically I Have A Shop Gui But It Is Too Big For Mobile

  2. Here Is Some Screenshots

  3. I Have Tried Using Those Scaling Tutorials And The Plugin Called AutoScale Light.

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Convert the Offset into Scale of Size property so it will become automatic scaling base on the user’s device.


To do easier converting offset to scale (Vice-versa), I recommend installing this plugin so you will just do 1 click to make a size conversion.

Perhaps you make something not right. Or theres a script that handles the GUI size via Offset.

Thanks Apparently i deleted some of the useless parts of the scripts and it worked :heart:

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I recommend adding a UIAspectRatioConstraint on the X button so it doesn’t look like that.

There’s an automatic UIAspectRatioConstraint on the AutoScale Lite