I noticed my projectile which runs on the server stutters a little bit

So i made a projectile script, The projectile has linear velocity and the direction is determined by the mouses position. But sometimes it stutters and lags behind for a bit mid air, anyway to stop this?

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So, if this is server authorative, which I am going to assume it is, then yes your best bet is you will need to make it client side simulated, and have the server doing interpretive simulation based on deterministic rules that you can process and check through for it.

Outside of that, any amount of use of Cframe movement manually, even with it being client side may show a tad of studder, not much but a little, but with a bullet moving so fast its likely not going to be noticeable.

But yea, the only way to really get rid of that is to create the complex structure where you separate your bullet from being known by the server directly.

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