I re-created one of my old gfxs, what do you all think?

So yesterday I was looking through my Twitter and saw this old gfx of mine and I was like “Yea I did pretty good on this, imma remake it”




Wow , the smoke effect is very good.

Looks very realistic :ok_hand:

The red laser (one which gaurds are holding) was better in 2019 version in my opinion.

Yeah, there’s too much glare on the newer one.


The smoke effect on both is great, although I think there is a bit too much of a glow on the 2021 GFX. The detail is great, and I think both GFX are very good. Overall, I like the 2021 one better.

Yea, I was trying to make it to where it looked like it was glowing, but I think I selected too much of a brush size in photoshop

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I kind of prefer the old one but hey, improvements did appear in the new one!