I really want to be an RBB developer so I made an RBB concept!

Well I really want to help RBB make a season 4 if they ever will make one so this is kind of like day 1 of … and my 1st concept for the item hunt I know they said they probably won’t make another item hunt but I’m giving it a shot nevertheless so please if you are gonna comment about that don’t I already know

Does this look legit enough that you would see this on a real RBB event?

  • Yes
  • No

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I plan to do the Sabrina’s and Russo’s following the next week. If you have any ideas please reply I need ideas!!!

Well that’s it see ya!!!


Hope you achieve your dream. And the accessory is good and all but the only thing is that this is kinda unrealistic.

The item looks like something DJ would have!

I think lots of people do. good luck


I feel like this is such a miniscule issue for such a cool item concept.