I recently decided I want to learn how to use blender so I made this [WIP/Unfinished]

I looked up a few tutorials and once I had an idea of what I was going to do I hopped into Blender and got to it. It is only halfway done but I thought I would ask for some feedback.


Wow. that is AWESOME for a beginner!

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That’s impressive for your first model, I’m not a gun expert so I can’t detect any flaws, keep it up man.

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Wow, that is impressive for your first model, I’ve been learning blender since august of 2020 and i still cannot do that!


Thanks a ton, @IceTheOneAndOnly, @chizubazuka, and @CoconutError!

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Looks great, especially for very beginner work. Perhaps a few more angles, as well as a picture of the topology? I’d love to see some statistics such a vert/tri count

How did you make it so smooth??

same here i started in like december and can’t do that (I also only made 3 or 4 models since then).
did you follow a tutorial?

shade smooth or subsurf or some other modifer that make smooth (i forgot its name)

I used a subsurface modifier on the parts. But you do have to make cuts near the edges to make them sharper.