I revamped my previous GFX

I revamped my previous post GFX.

I think this looks better :smiley:

(i am too lazy to edit the gfx because it takes 3 minutes to render and it turns my pc into jet engine, but if i find a time i will make it better with your feedbacks)

Wow you improved a lot since your last gfx!
The lighting and poses a lot better!
I think the only thing that could be better is if you had more light coming from the left (our left).
As the right is bright but the left is dark. You could do this by adding an area light facing the face from the left.

But everything else is great! Keep it up

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I love that plastic style! Really looks great. The only improvement I’d make is the fact that the character’s right arm (to our left) looks a bit awkward connected to the shoulder. Maybe you could move it up a bit and rotate it toward the camera slightly?

Anyway, that’s my take on it. All in all, absolutely love it!

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i mostly wanted it to look natural, so i thought sun light type would be better. i will try that! thanks.

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