I saw a virus script inside a skybox that I inserted long ago

So I noticed there was a virus script on one of the skyboxes that I inserted long ago.
I quickly deleted it but I think it’s too late.
What should I do now, and what did that virus do.
I know that they are just inserting module scripts that will send data about your game
to its creator.
Is there anything else?

as far as im aware they can’t do something permanent to the game like insert other scripts after getting deleted, but i don’t have much experience with those, so i can’t be too sure.

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It’s alright, thank you for your reply anyway.

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You should probably delete/redo the place. Anyways if you don’t want to do that there are still several plugins out there!

Just like my own :smiley: : Bill’s Game Cleaner - Roblox

Besides that, it’s never too late, since roblox scripts are not able to affect your studio or publish scripts to your game.

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Usually they need access to httpRequest
also the game need to be publish to access game setting
That’s all i know :sweat_smile:

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Ohhhh Thank you so much for telling me that…!

Some of them use HttpRequests to track your IP when testing.
Most of them use other things to give specific people admin and troll functions. Some of them also insert inappropriate objects to your game to get your account terminated. Some of them use scripts to lag out the server or the client.


Okay, guys. No need to worry anymore. I found out that the module got deleted by roblox.
Thank you all for your help <3
@BillPlayzToday @The_flyingMan716 @Lyzaldra

But the information you gave me will sure help me on future.

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