I sent RDC2019Questions a few inquiries and-


I sent the DM 3 days ago to the RDC2019Questions group here on the DevForum and have not received a response. They’re semi-urgent inquiries and I don’t want them to see it at the last minute; for example, one regards the lanyards and privacy.

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I sent an email to DevRel 2 days ago to see if questions will be answered. 2 months ago, I sent a question regarding the RDC 2018 videos and didn’t get a response. No clue if you should expect an answer any time soon. Whether I should expect a response from DevRel is up in the air at this point.


If your concern with the Lanyard is having your real name on it, as I believe you inquired about that last year, you can always just black marker the name out. I know a lot of people had done that last year.


On your invitation there’s a “splash” email address that’s there regarding any questions about the event. I emailed that and got an answer within a day or 2.