I Updated my Sci-fi thing(Its a old thing... But new?)

So I updated my Sci-fi turret but I think its better but I feel like somethings off? Can anyone tell me or give me some criticism please?

Old Turret -

New Turret -

(Sorry if the lighting is a little weird in any of the pictures.)


That looks epic! I can’t tell what you might think is wrong about it but to me it looks great!
Since I’m not the greatest at building I’m pretty sure others could let you know anything you could fix.

Okay thx I feel like the base of the turret is a bit off in size but I’m not sure.

Definitely ch better. looks like it actually has guns now. maybe make it more like an icosphere tho

Maybe I’ll try that. This is actually the 3rd time I’ve updated it so maybe I’ll update a 4th time

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How long ago were these first made? Massive improvement.

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Thx How did u find this lol i made this post a month ago lol.

Oh, I was searching around for things for a bit of inspiration yk and yours just popped up so I gave it a look, great work man!

Thx I haven’t been in roblox studio for a while but I mostly made Sci-Fi structures

Same here, I am mainly a model and interior builder.

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