I, v in pairs for Team:GetPlayers()?

I am currently relying on teams and I need help with i, v in pairs. There is a value in all characters that stops them from joining another party when they are already in one, and I need to be able to change that value whenever someone disbands a party. I wish I could explain this easier but I can’t.

Its a very simple snippet of code.

for i, v in pairs(Team:GetPlayers()) do
	v.PlayerGui.Teleport.MainFrame.Frame.Joined.Value = 0


Well what’s particularly wrong with it? Is this a localscript or a serverscript? (Just an additional question)
And is your team variable set correctly? Is there any errors. Please give a bit more of a description on what’s wrong. It’s particularly hard to help when I don’t have much information on what’s wrong.

Sorry for being vague, this is a serverscript. The Team variable is set correctly. The i,v in pairs isn’t working at all. I’ve tried printing both i and v, no result.

Well, whoops. I was being dumb, I forgot to actually include the party leader in the team. Sorry about that.

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Ok I want to try and help you, if you could just explain again, I don’t quite get the problem