I want to be able to look at my explorer panel while I am in the game. There may be items that don't get deleted in the actual game

Is there a gui or somewhere from toolbox that i can insert to my game in the studio and then once i am in the actual game i can be able to look at everything that is going on in my game as if i were in studio?

I may have seen this in exploiting tools as well.

I think there is, but I’m not sure what it is. Something with GFX or F3X tools perhaps? In the meantime, you can also run this in your developer console:

name_we_are_looking_for = “name here”

for index, descendant in pairs(descendants) do
	if descendant.Name == name_we_are_looking_for then
                print(“Found ” … name_we_are_looking_for)

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