I want to know what collisions to set to true or false. How to use collision groups. SPecifically for my game DOwnhill Rush where lag affects gameplay

Pay attention carefully to this request for help

This game is called Downhill Rush. Downhill Rush - Roblox

If you play it you may notice boulders will come onto the road.

The game handles collisions client sided so a player will hit an obstacle and tell the server I hit an obstacle! and the server handles it.

Now what happens is that due to the client being in front, the server may register that the cart hit a boulder but the client won’t because the client has already passed it.

What I want now is that the server should register NO collisions between the carts and the obstacles so a sort of CanCollide = false but specific for the cart obstacle collisions.

So in the server you may see a boulder go through a cart yknow rather than bounce out of nowhere.

Setting the cancollide property to false on the server and cancollide to true on the client doesn’t work.