I want to make a ship bob backward and forward, and all I need right now is math

I got left and right bobbing sorted, I just want this:

I know I need something regarding cosine or something… I don’t know enough about it to figure it out.
I need a feed of values like this

What would be a good way to get a constant easing flow of a value that “modulates” between two numbers?

Sine and cosine is actually a decent solution for this.

local maxPitch = math.rad(15)
local speed = 0.1
function getAngle(t)
    -- sine and cosine will oscillate between -1 and 1, so multiply it by maxPitch
    return math.sin(t * speed) * maxPitch

-- Get a reference to the ship's position in it's starting position
-- Assuming that the ship has a forward-facing PrimaryPart
local ship = workspace.Ship
local baseCF = ship.PrimaryPart.CFrame

-- I'll use Stepped here because it returns the amount of time the game has been running.
    local angle = getAngle(t)
    ship:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(baseCF * CFrame.Angles(angle, 0, 0))

EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you :smiley:

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Back again- this next question is more directed on transforming CFrame angles


Say the ship bobs this way with your script- I implemented it into something else but now I got this issue:


When the ship turns, the ship’s relative axis isn’t being bobbed, but rather the global one.
How do I transform it to do it more locally? If it helps, I’ve got the Y rotation saved as a single value in the script somewhere


EDIT: Got it; I simply referenced how the CFrame would be like with only the Y rotation, and then did * CFrame.Angles() with the extra rotations.