I want your feedback on my build and some build ideas

Hi! I’ve been building for about 6 months (longer than 6 months but those were when I was like 11 and 12 and they weren’t any good. 6 months is just when my decent looking builds were formed) and I’d like to add to my portfolio and practice different styles a little bit more before I start doing paid jobs. I also have a few questions about building on Roblox.

This is one of my more recent builds and I’m not exactly sure what “style” of build it would be categorized as and what building style I build with.

Anyways please reply with build ideas in varying styles and I’ll do my best to replicate what you comment. I’ll reply to your comment with a photo and I’d like you to tell me what I could improve on and stuff like that.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to all your replies.

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Is there an interior? If so, I’d love to see it.

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This would be categorized as realistic.
Just Google “Roblox building styles” for some images.


Yes, here are some of the rooms



Locker room

Meeting room

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A bit of feedback,

First off, the parking spots are massive. A roblox character is about the size of one block on the baseplate.
I’d recommend having the parking spots only be two blocks wide, rather than the current three blocks wide.

Secondly, it’s very bland on the side of the building. A way to fix this is with plants and shrubbery. Maybe throw a few potted plants together and then spread them out a bit.

Thirdly, I think it’s weird how there’s just a random cylinder here.
Maybe add a decal of a logo onto the cylinder, or add a bit more of a design than just a circle.

As for the interior, the walls are also very bare in here. A way to fix this is by adding in paintings or pictures. They don’t need to be too crazy fancy, just something to fill up the walls. The rooms also feel quite empty. Maybe add some carpets, or add in some pattern to the floor.

It looks really good!

Thank you, the parking spots were scaled to a car that I just realized was unrealistically large, the paintings on the wall are a good idea I’ll try to find some BCSO recruiting posters and law enforcement-related things and put them up.

And for that cylinder that’s just a place holder for the insignia of the department that I have yet to be provided.

I was also wondering if this was quickly built / how long it would take you to build something like this?

I started this last night at 8 PM logged off at 12:30 pm and logged on at 6 PM tonight and got to this state probably at 7:30 PM. Would you call that quick work? Slow? Average?

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I’m horrible at guessing how long it would take me to build something. Got some feedback from my friend one time to add a helipad, told him it would take only fifteen minutes. Ended up taking an hour due to issues with the railing. But if I were to try and guess how long it would take me to build something like that I’d say two and a half hours to three hours. The building is just a box, so the exterior wouldn’t take too long, and the interior is kind of empty. I have been getting a lot more practice with building lately so I’m starting to get fast at it. I’d say you’re about average paced for how long you’ve been building for.

TL;DR You’re average pace for your experience.

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Alright awesome, thank you for your feedback!

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Also, a great way to measure how long you are building for within studio is with this plugin.


It puts you into an “AFK” mode whenever you switch windows out of studio. It’s great for understanding your speed.

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With six months of experience, your build is well-done.

However, after witnessing similar buildings like yours, I recommend giving the build a second or third base to make it look fuller and not so tight due to the ceiling.

The inside is stale; occasionally, it’s worth adding decals, as some materials don’t fit the essential reference. However, the props appear well-made and naturalistic.

Conclusively, your work is good, and I’d love to see more of you in the future.

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Pretty basic, reminds me of Bloxburg with no gamepasses.

Looks good but i think the roof should be a little higher

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