I was wondering if a game that I was developing would've gotten me banned or not

I was making a game called Illegal Business. Sort of like GTAV, where you buy properties and you can then hire people to make ahem, illegal contraband. Ive since stopped developing it for a number of reasons, not relating to this, but I just had the thought that if I had finished it, would it have gotten me banned?

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if your contraband falls under community standards #8 which bans drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapon-making, etc… then yes

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Tbh just make up random illegal items, like make a blue mesh and call it Illegal Potion or something but obv don’t make it green or white lol

I feel like that’s really pushing it, it will most likely be banned the more popular it is.

If it’s not actually an illegal thing in real life, then it would definitely be allowed to be classified as illegal. I mean, if it’s a white powdery substance, probably not, but a ton of games (especially rp) have “illegal” weapons and tools because it’s not necessarily illegal irl, but it is in terms of the game’s laws.

For instance, Berkeley County has “illegal guns” which aren’t actually illegal irl, but are considered illegal by the game’s laws.

I mean drugs are actually illegal in real life depending on which type you get. I think I misunderstood “blue mesh” and thought of some “powdery” (is that even an adjective??) mesh.

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