I was working on a platformer type game, i finished it

I recently made a surreal platformer type game, here’s the link WINDOWS VISTA: The Saga - Roblox


I like how it has the old roblox look but I’m not sure how what to do?

I really like the feel that you give in the game, however if you want to keep players interested you should implement something to do. I think it would be cool to make some nostalgic bots to try and kill you. I believe that it is supposed to be a sword fighting game @pretoxty, though not to sure.

Can you add some screenshots of your game?

you’re supposed to click on the rusty planks to break them and proceed

there is some vikings in zone 3 that try to kill you

After hearing this it all makes way more sense, I suggest emphasizing this more with a proximity prompt. Really anything a player could see and know they should click it. I’ll have to play through again later to get the whole experience :grin: